Writing books requires a lot of concentration–and a lot of time when you have to press the keys one paw on one key at a time (just kidding).  The truth is that when I am at the computer, I usually am sleeping on a lap cushion.  If I accidentally drop my paw onto the keyboard so it presses a key, I send a line of one letter across the page like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and Ted has to erase it. Ted types while I sleep and I dream.  I convey my books to him by inspiration.  We’ve shared a life together for many years, Ted and I, so he knows me intimately, my personality, my habits with their rituals, what I like or dislike, and, yes, my idiosyncrasies, as I do his.  He is aware how I react to this or that—or how I would react.  While I sleep he channels me, and I flow into his mind on a river of love. Little Tramp Cover 6x9 LITTLE TRAMP coverMy latest book is named LITTLE TRAMP,  available at Amazon BooksAmazon KindleiTunes iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, and in bookstores.  It tells how I'm lost in New York City for two years.  Ted has an accident in the street while we’re out walking.  When I flee from the strangers who come running up, I find myself alone in the vastness of Manhattan.  It’s about New York City, mostly familiar places, some famous , and quite a few scary ones, too. I meet a lot of people in the book.  There’s Mack, a very mean person, and Agnes, an elderly woman who lives in an alley, and her friend Mathilde, a society lady, and Victor, who likes to make dogs fight, and a list of others—Milan the super, Jenny with her baby, and Peter and his white dog, Poor Boy and his blind Mother and Sunshine who becomes her guide dog, Drs. Farland and Guarnacci, veterinarians, and little Angela who pleads for me.  I become pretty street-wise during the course of the adventure.  There are heart-warming episodes, especially when I meet another tramp, the pit bull Molly and her pups.  There are heartbreaking and terrifying times, too; after all, it’s New York City. LITTLE TRAMP is described as “a story about the indomitable spirit of a little dog, who feels love and hurt simply, as a dog does, and who has one desire ultimately, to return home.”  Isn’t that nice?  Ultimately, it’s about me, which is pretty delightful. LITTLE TRAMP has gotten very good reviews at Amazon.  If you ever have known the friendship of a dog, I’m quite sure you’ll find it a good read. For your enjoyment, I’m providing here on my website some pictures of places you’ll read about in “Little Tramp.”  Among my favorites are Greenwich Village where I live, Lincoln Center and Times Square where I went with Agnes, and the North Woods and The Pool in Central Park where Molly and her pups still roam as memories. © 2013 Woodwrit, Inc.